Friday, October 15, 2010


I wish I could've found a more clever title for today's blog, but it's been a long week, so the word Friday is bringing joy to my heart right now!  Here's my ready for the weekend outfit:
Earrings: NY&CO Jacket: Old Navy Shirt: Kohls Knit Pants: Target Pink Flower Pin: Very old.  From sweater I purchased at now defunct department store.
 Pink pumps.  I think I paid a whole whopping $5 for these!
 Closeup of ancient sweater pin.
 Bangles: the colied one is from Plato's Closet.  Most of the clothes there don't fir me, but they ahve awesome accessories!
Embroidery on my shirt.

One more thing.  I love the idea of wearing pink to promote breast cancer awareness, but because I'm an information professional (i.e.librarian) I wanted to add some helpful links to breast cancer resources.  I am not a medical practitioner, and neither are the people at your local library.  They can't treat your cancer, but they can help you find support materials like books and websites to help you cope while you seek care to fight this disease.
The National Cancer Institute's Breast Cancer Page
Has info on testing, treatment, clinical trials, etc.  Good starting point!

Susan G. Komen Foundation
They do great work to raise awareness of this horrible disease.

Your library also might have a consumer health page like mine does that will help you. Many libraries also offer access to consumer health and wellness databases, such as Health and Wellness Resource Center to their customers.

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