Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flush With Desire

I really like the new shade of blush I got recently.  Couldn't remember the name of it, but when I looked at the bottom of the package it read "flush with desire".  I am flush with desire.  Flush with desire for it to be Friday, that is...Here's Thursday's outfit:
 Blouse: Express  Vest: Old Navy Tichts: TJ Maxx Necklace: Fashion Bug Ring: TJ Maxx Bracelet: Don't Know Shoe: Nike Air

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scaled Down

This python print jacket is possibly my new favorite item of clothing...

Dress: Jones New York Jacket: TJ Maxx Earrings: Fashion Bug 

Anniversary Edition

Tuesday was the one year anniversary of our department.  I'm so lucky to work with such great people.  You rock!

I Don't Like Mondays

...but I do like this yellow top that helped brighten a sunny day!

 Blouse and Earrings: Vera Wang(Kohl's) Skirt: Fashion Bug Sash: Gap Shoes Steve Madden via Fashion Fetish Tights: Vanity Fair Outlet

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Outfits

I loved my weekend outfits, even if the weather was kind of meh and did not lend itself well to outdoor activities.  Most of my weekend was spent on the couch reading or watching re runs of The Dish.  Sunday I did log about two hours of french horn practice on my quintet music.

Jacket: H&M cami: Tucker for Target jeggings: Macys boots: Blowfish via DSW
Watch: Burlington Coat Factory Earrings: Kate Landry coffee cup: Anthro
Worn to: Target  and thrift store excursion

Love these earrings!

Sunday was more of the same.  Attempted to go see Get Low but the credit card machine at the theatre was broken (I don't carry cash),  I would've missed the start driving to the ATM, and I didn't feel like waiting 3 hours for the next showing!  Meh.
So this wound up being a grocery store outfit:

Jacket and jeggings same as day before, top: TJ Maxx, Crossbody bag: Dooney Bourke (thrifted), boots: B.O.C. via DSW.  Brass bagles: target, white bangle is from previous day's thrifting excursion.  Can you see the girl's face on my top?  Too cool!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bits 'n Pieces

The skirt and blouse I'm wearing today are nothing remarkable, so I didn't take pictures of them.  I was just too tired after working all day and going to long unairconditioned rehearsals at night in this record breaking heat!  I'm also trying to wrap up a project I've been working on for about a year which has dragged on due to circumstances beyond my control.  It's left me tired and frustrated.  I know I shouldn't feel that way.  But I do.  It's had me in tears twice this week, cause a few really bad headaches, and generally left me GRUMPY.   However, I do love my jewelry and bag for today ! Earrings: Stein Mart (long time ago), Pins: Vintage, gift  from a friend, Bracelets: Brighton via Designer Consignor and I forget where I got the bangle Bag: TJ Maxx.  I do enjoy this bag, especially the studs.  I have way more expensive red bags, yet I repeatedly reach for this one!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

You're The Cream in My Coffee...

I had good intentions of taking these before I left for work.  That didn't happen, so enjoy my coffee break pics:
Dress and Shrug: Target  Belt: NY&CO Shoes: Kenneth Cole via TJ Maxx a loong time ago.  They are still on trend with their studs!  Love 'em!  Hello Kitty Watch: Burlington Coat Factory Bracelet: Pandora  Bangle: NY&CO Ring: Target Earrings and Necklace: Fashion Bug  Bag: Kohls

...and if you need a little cream in your coffee, here you go!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Showing my stripes

I'm back after a busy couple of months.  Lots of concerts, vacation, etc and no time to blog.  Monday night I watched Coco Before Chanel and I was dying to wear my striped shirt like the one Audrey Tatou wears for a good portion of the second half of the movie.

I also needed something I could grab quickly that looked good and was comfortable.  I was up way too late last night after a long muggy Mozart rehearsal in an unaircondiitoned rehearsal hall.  Then when I got home and decided to change the water in the turtle tank Sheldon went AWOL for a while.  He eventually returned; dusty and holding a cheerio in his mouth!  I have no idea where he went to get so dirty and I haven't bought cheerios in ages.  All this led to less sleep and little enthusiam for getting up this morning. Fortunately, I can wear jeans in my department, along with aformentioned striped shirt and some killer earrings and heels!  Shirt: Target Jeans: Levi's Earrings: Jessica Simpson (check out their details! I love them!) Shoes: Steve Madden  Bag: Thrifted Scarf: Not sure.  Possibly Stein Mart.