Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Breast Cancer AWEARness Week: Shades of Tuesday

I never know what to think about Tuesday.  It's better than Monday, but not as good as Wednesday, when the week's half over.  However, I do have orchestra on Tuesdays, and I LOVE that!  Here's my second installment for Breast Cancer AWEARness week, featuring shades of coral pink:

Earrings: Kohls.  Worn a million times.  Sweater: Stein Mart  Coral Pink Shell: The Limited (very old) Bag: Kohls (check out the pink flowers!) Skirt: Thrifted Tights: TJ Maxx Shoes: Sofft  I discovered this brand last year.  They are so cute and comfortable.  I've got my eye on this pair...


  1. I love the little bit of pink peeking out! So classy.

    I've heard a lot about Sofft shoes, but I haven't been able to find any that I can afford yet. They're so cute though!

  2. Thanks! Amazon sometimes has good deals on the Sofft shoes, as do Gabriel Brothers or Nordstrom Rack if you have either of those nearby. I actually got my first pair of Soffts at Gabriel Brothers for a mere $10!