Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Showing my stripes

I'm back after a busy couple of months.  Lots of concerts, vacation, etc and no time to blog.  Monday night I watched Coco Before Chanel and I was dying to wear my striped shirt like the one Audrey Tatou wears for a good portion of the second half of the movie.

I also needed something I could grab quickly that looked good and was comfortable.  I was up way too late last night after a long muggy Mozart rehearsal in an unaircondiitoned rehearsal hall.  Then when I got home and decided to change the water in the turtle tank Sheldon went AWOL for a while.  He eventually returned; dusty and holding a cheerio in his mouth!  I have no idea where he went to get so dirty and I haven't bought cheerios in ages.  All this led to less sleep and little enthusiam for getting up this morning. Fortunately, I can wear jeans in my department, along with aformentioned striped shirt and some killer earrings and heels!  Shirt: Target Jeans: Levi's Earrings: Jessica Simpson (check out their details! I love them!) Shoes: Steve Madden  Bag: Thrifted Scarf: Not sure.  Possibly Stein Mart.

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